Scientia Labs was born out of passion for CBD and frustration at industry opacity. 

CBD products are hitting shelves all over the country and all over the world, and yet the beneficial molecule they contain is being manufactured in a wildly unregulated and unstandardized fashion. This has resulted in confused customers, who are subject to a wide range of experiences and potentially dangerous products as a result. This variation and obfuscation is far from ideal, particularly for patients seeking consistent relief.

Our mission at Scientia is to change this, and to set the standard for the cleanest, highest-quality hemp extracts. To achieve this, we’ve created a proprietary process and designed and built our own production equipment. We also test our extracts by a third-party lab at every step of the way. The result is the highest quality CBD extracts possible.

Our goal is to work with farmers who are focused on the quality of their crop and wholesale customers who care about quality, and to do so in every corner of the world. We innovate custom formulations, standardize full spectrum oils, and develop novel botanical extracts, all while demonstrating purity and traceability of origin for each batch.



Transparency & Trust

We offer as much visibility as possible into every step of our extraction process, verify our work through third-party labs, and make ourselves available to answer any and all questions.

Scientific Rigor & Pursuit of Knowledge

Our work is not just a business 一 it’s a scientific practice. Every tweak of our technology and report that we write is done in the service of advancing knowledge and pushing innovation forward. 

Consistency & Quality

Through taking exact measures at every step of the Scientia process, we offer consistent products for our clients and the customers they serve.

Collaboration & Fairness

We aim for our work to help customers and suppliers at all stages of the supply chain, starting with fair contracts for farmers and resulting in bespoke, consistent products for our clients.




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